DoraHomi Air Fryer Oven(Stainless Steel)

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Large Capacity For Family-26.3QT With this air fryer toaster oven, you can toast 6 pieces of bread in 3 kinds tasty, roast a whole chicken, bake a 12” pizza , frying french fries 21lb, chicken wings 21pcs around.Precise Cooking For Your Food in Healthy With convection and hot air circulation in the oven. Makes every corner of the oven heats evenly to ensure the foods cooking evenly. Air fries with less or without oil, roast out the fat of chicken. Less fat good for your healthy.Easy To Use With 8 Preset Functions 8 preset programs let you cook with simple operation. Air frying, Roast, Toasts, Dehydrate, Bake Pizza, Broiler chicken wings, and vegetables.Fast cooking with 1800W Up and down heating elements. Make Your Limited Counter Top in 1 This large air convection oven can satisfied with your family food serve demands. Air fry, Toast, dehydrate all in one, clear the clutter and free up your counter space.Accessories and Warranty The toaster oven with 3 main accessories: 1 Bake Pan, 1 Frying Basket, 1 Rack. Using convection circulation system 3 accessories meets all food cooking demands. No need rotisserie extra accessories. Including a heat resistant oven gloves for free. 1 year limited warranty for support our consumer. Open box and start cooking your healthy food with DoraHomi Air Fryer Oven Now.

Toast/Roast/Pizza/Cookies/Warm/Bake/Broil/Air Fry
Material Stainless Steel
Power 1800W
Voltage 120V, 60Hz
Capacity 26.4Qt/25L
Cooking Temperature up to 450°F
Product Dimensions 17.7*15.7*14.7inches
Inner Dimensions 14.6*11.8*8.6inches
Cord Length 3.93ft
1×Oven Rack
1×Air Fryer Basket
1×Baking Pan
1×Oven Light

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