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What you need Are you on the search for a Bluetooth speaker that does more than amplify your favorite music? Then the flame Bluetooth station is for you: with an ambient light at the bottom, this high-end speaker will create a wonderful relaxed atmosphere that you can enjoy with family and friends.Premium sounds When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the quality of the sound is what matters most. Employing the latest Bluetooth technology for a stable connection and with 3D stereo system integrated, the led flame speaker is going to provide with superior sound that will play your favorite songs like nothing else can.Take it with you One of the best parts about the flame atmosphere speaker is that, due to the premium Bluetooth technology, you can take it with you everywhere. This way, you can enjoy your favorite music and create a chill atmosphere at home or in the outdoors while camping or having a nice BBQ with your friends.Great music everywhere The led flame light speaker was made for really romantic souls that love creating a special mood through their favorite music and a dash of light that seems to recreate the fireplace feeling. Enjoy the high-end experience this lamp speaker can offer and share it with your close ones.Rechargeable Because we believe the atmosphere light sound system to be ideal for the outdoors, we have made sure to incorporate a high-capacity battery that can be recharged through an USB, allowing you to enjoy many hours of the romantic mood recreated by the special Bluetooth light speaker

With rechargeable battery through USB Premium Bluetooth technology ensures stable connection Led lights at the bottom for a fireplace-like experience Waterproof design that outstands difficult outdoors conditions Provides with superior stereo sound It is easy to mount it and connect it to any Bluetooth gadget The flame speaker is compact, portable and compatible Wonderful design that ensures a relaxed atmosphere

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